Turkey Days are Here

I’m off to the ATL tomorrow morning to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. I plan on doing only what is required of me by my mom to help make dinner over the next few days. I need to rest up for what awaits when I get back—the holiday shopping season is almost upon us.

I normally don’t work on the floor—I have my own office in which I meet with the sales reps, place orders, etc. During the holidays however it’s all hands on deck. So you can see me running up and down stairs with an armload of books, climbing ladders (and hopefully not dropping the books on people’s heads). Note: If you see a staff member with their arms full of books or up on the ladder, don’t start badgering them with questions. Let them put the books down first. Also, it helps to be as nice as possible to the staff. They’ve had to deal with so many assholes that a nice customer can make all the difference in the world. This might seem like something you’d teach a kindergartener, but each holiday season I’m taken aback again by the nastiness and rudeness of some people particularly during a season devoted to good cheer and loving thy neighbor.

Also we’ll be doing the Buyer’s Night again this year next Thursday, which means you get to see me yammer about books for a while.  Holiday Tips from the Experts is what we’re calling it. There’s free cookies I think and perhaps some sort of beverage. It’s a fine night, so come on out and introduce yourself.

2 thoughts on “Turkey Days are Here

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  2. Martin Clark

    Unlike the cads and criminals I encounter in my day job, I’ve not met very many unpleasant folks in the book world–from the people in publishing to the people I run into in stores, I’d say booksellers and readers are, as a whole, far more courteous than the norm. Then again, perhaps my norm is a bit skewed. Hope you have a good holiday season and only gentle tugs on your sleeve from customers looking for this or that novel. On another front, I was pleased to see the Bosox did right by Lowell.


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