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  • Bostonist interviews Jonah Lehrer, who happens to be appearing at my store tomorrow evening at 7 pm. I’ve read the first few essays of his book Proust was a Neuroscientist and found them thought provoking. Much is made of how young he is (25!) but I’m more impressed with what a Renaissance man he is. Hasn’t the world become all about specialization? Where would we be without people like Da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson, people who explored everything?
  • More Shalom Auslander, this time an interview in the San Francisco Chronicle.

    I don’t think, though, that our morality comes from the Ten Commandments, and I always wonder when I hear a priest or rabbi claim that it does, that these frankly obvious rules are what guides him. I always think, “Really? Without Deuteronomy you wouldn’t know killing was wrong? You mean you’d be killing people if not for those tablets? S-, someone call the cops.”

  • Ed reviews this new guide to litblogs being published this month The Bookaholics’ Guide to Book Blogs: The New Literary Force. Wait, I’ve got the force?
  • Also, people either seem to love or hate Mailer in teh comment’s of Ed’s post on Mailer’s death. I don’t have a problem with Ed expressing his opinion on Mailer. Why so many people are pissed, I don’t know. I’ve never read Mailer, his book have never appealed to me.

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  1. sarah marine

    About Norman Mailer…

    As a literary showdown, Mario Vargas Llosa vs. Gabriel García Márquez ranks with some of the most famous feuds, including Lillian Hellman vs. Mary McCarthy, Vladimir Nabokov vs. Edmund Wilson, and Norman Mailer vs. Gore Vidal. (When the encounter between Mr. Mailer and Mr. Vidal turned physical, if not bloody, Mr. Vidal is said to have responded from the floor, “Words fail Norman Mailer yet again.”)

    excerpted from the NYTimes article here:

    which remains my favorite news article of 2007.


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