Country Living

Who’s going to see the Coen Brother’s No Country for Old Men? The New York Times review just want make me want to see it even more. I still haven’t read the book either. After being kicked in the head by The Road, I’m wary. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it one of the best books I read last year, so powerful. I just felt like I had to recover after reading it.

6 thoughts on “Country Living

  1. Brandon

    I agree with you about “The Road.” It’s one of the best books I’ve read this year, but I fell into a depression after reading it.

    I’ll probably read “No Country for Old Men” before I see the movie. I don’t like seeing a movie before reading the book because, while reading, I always imagine the characters looking like the actors. It just messes me up, I guess.


  2. Jeff

    No Country… will kick you in a different way. Definitely not as powerful as The Road and probably well down the list of my favorite McCarthy books. But I can’t wait to see this movie.


  3. Don McArthur

    ‘The Road’ is the most harrowing book I’ve ever read in my life. Fascinating and repellent, and punishing, too. Please don’t ever make me go down in that basement again.

    A period of recovery seems called for.


  4. bookbabie

    I’ve read both, The Road is much more affecting. My book club hasn’t read it yet and when it came up as a possible read I said yes, they should read it at some point, but not over the holidays! It was strange, I would put it down (almost hating it) but then I had to pick it back up and keep reading it. I’ve never read a book like that.


  5. bookdwarf Post author

    Has anyone seen the movie yet? I might try to read the book first based on Jeff’s comments. We’ll see. I’m not sure I’m in the mood for an ass whupping.


  6. sarah marine

    No Country For Old Men is so different from classic McCarthy. Its very cinematic, the action is a lot different from say, Blood Meridian. I didnt finish it, honestly…wasnt compelled to.
    Overall, it should translate extremely well onto the screen. Cant wait to see it. Also, the A.O. Scott review was titled something like “There’s Hell to Pay”- which is awesome.


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