It’s been a long week. Working on the Holiiday Hundred (books that my store features for the holidays, usually what we consider the best books of the year) and staying up late to watch the Red Sox. I find that I’m too anxious to watch the games directly so I’ll read while in front of the television. Of course, this ends up with some really half ass reading.

I’ve hit a reading dead zone anyway. I’ve got piles and shelves of books, but none are screaming out to me “read me!” right now. Perhaps I need to read some non-fiction. I’ve got Steven Johnson’s Ghost Map about the cholera outbreak in 1854 and Mary Beard’s Roman Triumph. Aside from having a gorgeous cover, Beard’s book will fulfill my nerdy need to keep up with classics. Is anyone out there reading anything good?

4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. vieve

    You’ve probably already read it, but I’m loving The Children’s Hospital. Unnerving at times, but it keeps pulling me along and it’s hard to put down.


  2. Mary

    Hi Megan…. Glad you like the cover and hope you enjoy the contents too.
    I’m coming to Cambridge (yours), end Nov/start Dec…and will certainly be coming to the store. M


  3. Brian

    I know the feeling–shelves packed with books that cry out NOT to be read. I often browse my favorites only to find that The Invisible Man seems too ordinary and that Mrs. Bridge has no appeal. It’s always a bit jarring, but I have my secret, a little trick that always pulls me back into it: poetry. Right now I’m reading Preludes to Memnon by Conrad Aiken, and I find it to be delightfully, beautifully inscrutable, which is just what I needed. Poetry always forces me to return to the basics, pure joy in reading and an attention towards detail that I sometimes lose in prose.


  4. david

    I hit a similar wall earlier this week, after catching up on all my required reading. I ended up spending a couple of days immersed in poetry.


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