Wednesday Musings

Tomorrow the trade show for NEIBA (New England Independent Booksellers Association) starts in Providence, Rhode Island. It’s a chance for booksellers and publishers to come together, talk about upcoming books, gossip, etc. Imagine a smaller, homier version of BEA.
I’m having dinner with a few authors on Friday night: Rudolph Delson, author of Maynard & Jennica and Samantha Hunt, author of The Invention of Everything Else. Being the good bookseller that I am, I’m trying to read both books before meeting them. That’s only fair. I finished Delson’s book last night and started Hunt’s. They are very different books. M&J is a modern love story told through the voices of 35 different people, while invention tells the story of an unlikely friendship between an elderly Nikolai Tesla and a young chambermaid in the hotel where he lives.