Katha Pollitt Tells it Like it Is

I don’t talk directly about politics often. It’s not often that I read something that makes me want to mention it. I read this Katha Pollit article from The Nation and couldn’t help but yell ‘Sing it sister!’ in my mind (so as not to disturb my boss who sits a few feet away). My favorite part:

“Many of those who correctly anticipated catastrophe did so not by exercising judgment but by indulging in ideology,” Ignatieff writes. “They opposed the invasion because they believed the President was only after the oil or because they believed America is always and in every situation wrong.”

Excuse me while I set myself on fire. I remember the run-up to the invasion very well, and “It’s all about oil” and “America is always wrong” were hardly the major arguments on the table. Since Ignatieff must know this–surely he listened to Mark Danner and Robert Scheer when he teamed with Hitchens to debate them at UCLA–his calumny is not only self-serving, it’s disingenuous.