This isn’t Really Book Related but…

I read this article in the NYT this morning and wondered what time warp I had entered. The entire article is about how women like to eat steak. It’s such a condescending, poorly written article, it made me want to stamp my feet, but my high heels prevented me:

But others, especially those who are thin, say ordering a salad displays an unappealing mousiness.

“It seems wimpy, insipid, childish,” said Michelle Heller, 34, a copy editor at TV Guide. “I don’t want to be considered vapid and uninteresting.”

Honey, you work at TV Guide and were quoted in this article. You are vapid and uninteresting.

3 thoughts on “This isn’t Really Book Related but…

  1. John Mutford

    This’ll probably make me seem like I’m one of those people who visit other blogs to pick fights, but I’ll risk it anyway. If she’s so uninteresting, why’d you feel the need to comment on her at all?


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