This Could Mean the Apocalypse People

Now would-be writers are to get the reality TV show treatment in an attempt to find a new Dan Brown or JK Rowling.Aspiring authors will be invited to pitch their ideas for a blockbuster novel to a panel of judges headed by Tony Cowell, big brother of The X Factor’s Simon Cowell.

Bestseller is billed as a literary version of Dragons’ Den, the BBC show in which budding entrepreneurs try to persuade investors to back them.

Winners will receive a six-figure advance and a deal with a major publisher in Britain and America. Contestants who survive the first round will be ‘mentored’ by a line-up of authors expected to include Jackie Collins and Jeffrey Archer.

7 thoughts on “This Could Mean the Apocalypse People

  1. Kevin Church

    Wow, I can’t wait to see the amazing editing action and maybe even some typing!

    (When I was coming up with the bad guys for COVER GIRL, I was told not to use hackers: they’re boring and they type a lot – who wants to see that? I think TV producers could learn something from this.)


  2. Imani

    I’m stuck on the idea that we’re going to see writerly “mentoring” in action. How the heck does that work? How long will they get with the mentor?



  3. DH

    Gack! Could the Cowells just fall off the face of the earth already?

    And being the next Dan Brown is something worth striving towards? *snark*


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