Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand

I might have spent the better part of last weekend watching the Red Sox sweep the Yankees, but I also did some reading. I read Elizabeth Hand’s amazing new mystery Generation Loss and immediately wrote a staff recommendation for the store. Here’s what I wrote:

Do you want to read a smart, dark, literary thriller that will keep you reading late into the night? Do you want to read about a self-destructive photographer who hasn’t done anything since the 70’s, who has spent the years since drinking, doing drugs, and alienating everyone around her, who goes to Maine to interview legendary photographer Aphrodite, but then gets caught up in a case of a missing girl and also discovers a photographic genius who might also be crazy? Do you want to read about how dark a person can go before get to that invisible line and what might tempt you to cross it? Well, here’s your book: Generation Loss by Elizabeth Hand.

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