A Million Interviews

No wait, that should read The Millions Interviewed. C. Max Magee, creator of The Millions has been interviewed by the literary community at LitMinds. In today’s post about Vonnegut, he admits that he once used to be a completist, that if he found a book he liked, he would read that author’s entire canon. I used to be the same way! Now I know why I read him everyday—we’re kindred spirits. Well, okay, maybe not spirits. We’re kindred readers.

1 thought on “A Million Interviews

  1. Michael Dutton

    Actually, I’ve never heard the term, “completist”,
    though I suppose that I’m one as well (Jeanette Winterson, William Faulkner, et. al.). As such, I suppose that I might be a “conclusionist” too, an “allusionist” to boot and perhaps, most importantly, an “alliterationist”.
    For other “completists”, etc., you may want to read “Christmasville” (from start to finish, of course) – a short exercise since, alas, it is indeed my first novel but by no means my last.
    (Joseph Campbell would have liked it – if I might be so audacious, and presumptious, to state.)
    Michael Dutton
    (Author of Christmasville)


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