Robert Bolano

There’s lots of buzz surrounding the publication of Robert Bolano’s The Savage Detectives. There are lengthy articles in The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and Bookforum. I haven’t had a chance yet to read any Bolano, but I’m looking forward to it. It would be nice to see people embracing more literature in translation. Has anyone read any Bolano and have any comments?

9 thoughts on “Robert Bolano

  1. callie

    I just started reading Distant Star and am sorry that I didn’t read Bolano earlier in my life. Wow. I’ll do a longer post on it when I’m finished. I’ll then move on to Amulet and then…Savage Detectives.

    I agree with you — high time more literature in translation got this kind of coverage.


  2. vv

    I read that piece in the New Yorker and halfway through it vowed to read Savage Detectives. Thanks for reminding me!


  3. Ramsey

    Fifty pages away from finishing The Savage Detectives. One of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. The kind of book you want to reread immediately upon completing it. And no, I’m not the kind of person who says every book is “the best book ever.” This book really is phenomenal.


  4. Mary

    I am in the midst of reading the Savage Detectives and it is wonderful! It reminds me of the passion, craziness, and energy that poets and poetry should generate. It has placed me in another era and another country, but it feels so familiar.


  5. mernitman

    Savage is amazing. But Distant Star is a masterpiece — a deeply disturbing literary fever dream short enough to be read in one sitting that felt unique to me; I can’t think of another book that has its peculiar sense of… I dunno, exquisite dread?

    Then there’s the stories gathered in Last Evenings on Earth…!


  6. pat

    I have only read the piece in the nyorker and I am so jealous of those who have access–no good bookstores where i live or libraries. Can’t wait…


  7. thebarbarita

    The Savage Detective and I have been keeping each other company for a couple days and I haven’t been able to rouse myself to do much else. Can’t remember when a book last had this effect. It’s all about hypocrisy, literature, class, and coming of age. With a great car chase. I want to go to Mexico City. But I guess the stars don’t shine at night there any more like they did in the seventies.


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