Results from the Tournament of Books

I had a feeling that it would win and it surely deserves the prize. Cormac McCarthy’s The Road beat out all of the rest to win the Rooster. This is a book that’s lingered in my mind many, many months after I’ve read it. This book haunts you.
Coincidentally, Oprah announced yesterday that The Road will be her next selection for the Oprah Book Club. That’s great?

4 thoughts on “Results from the Tournament of Books

  1. maw

    It’s horrible! You don’t want hoi polloi reading the same books that you do! Oprah ruined Gabriel García Márquez for us all!


  2. hester

    maw, you’re a silly elitist. it’s a wonderful thing that the masses are getting exposed to great literature. and even better that cormac has agreed to be interviewed on television.


  3. bookdwarf Post author

    I’m with Hester. I can’t wait to see reclusive Cormac McCarthy interviewed. Yes, I admit it’s a bit weird, but I’m hoping more people will read this amazing book.


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