Thursday Links

  • This week on, they’re serializing Elizabeth Crane’s “What Happens When the Mipods Leave Their Milleu,” the story of an award-winning graphic novelist who stumbles into a visiting professorship, only to be accused of practicing irony.
  • Bat Segundo has three new installments available. He spoke about snarkiness with Heidi Julavits, editor of The Believer, about fatherhood with Neal Pollack, and about writing in Kukuyu with both Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Carolyn of Pinky’s.
  • Void Magazine is holding the Worst Ever Love Poem contest.
  • Many good literary journals have new issues out including n + 1, A Public Space, and The Virginia Quarterly Review.
  • I’ve only just dipped my toe into Aline Kominsky Crumb’s new graphic memoir and it’s intense. Titling her book Need More Love, she promises that it’s packed with sordid details from her life.
  • I want to congratulate Dan Wickett adn Steve Gillis at Dzanc Books for their recent acquisition of Yannick Murphy’s second short story collection In a Bear’s Eye, due for publication in February 2008. I loved Murphy’s novel Here They Come and I’m quite eager to read this collection. Has anyone read her first story collection and have an opinion?