Monday Links

  • Robert Birnbaum’s discussion with Richard Ford is now available. How Ford’s piercing eyes didn’t scar him, I don’t know.
  • More Bat Segundo interviews, this time with Christopher Moore, Nick Mamatas, and Stephen Graham Jones.
  • This week we’re discussing Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s The Wizard of the Crow over at the LBC.
  • Five Chapters is serializing “Land Between Two Brush Shaped Hills” by Rachel Sherman,” a story of junior high friendships, hippie parents, a small town frozen in time by a historic village, and one night where the intricate pre-teen dynamic dramatically changes.”
  • Tim Huggins has sold his store Newtonville Books to former employee Mary Cotton. I’m glad it’s being sold rather than closing. I hope this doesn’t mean Tim is leaving the Boston area.