The Germs Regrouped

I hate being sick. I felt so much better on Wednesday and then yesterday, I had to go home sick again. I’m feeling better today luckily, but I don’t have much for you, dear readers.

4 thoughts on “The Germs Regrouped

  1. theteach

    Sorry you’re sick, bookdwarf, I, too, have been sick and hating it. But now I’m back to myself thank goodness. I look in on your blog periodically and enjoy your posts.

    Get well soon and if you have a chance take a look at my books and reading blog, feel free.


  2. lilli

    My husband has been sick for a week, I think he is now permanently attached to the couch! Lots of nasty bugs this winter that take a long time to go away, feel better Bookddwarf:-)


  3. david salvage

    I think Roiphe has done some ferocious soul searching. She once described writing as a form of taking revenge. I saw her at a great lecture once saying that a greater writer is slowly lifting her skirts, waiting to show the triumph and the shame, and the end of the story but slowly…. It’s great that at her age she can look back and reflect on it all.


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