Excuses Excuses

Last week I spent much of my time on the sales floor, helping customers find books and keeping the floor well stocked. This week I’m busy getting the store ready for the new year. A new season of books is ready to flood the store starting in January and we usually spend this week getting rid of the any lingering hardcovers and other excess. It’s busy in a different way. I’ve also got to clean out the office a bit to get prepared for the sales reps who’ll be coming to sell Summer 2007 titles to me. Lots to do here.

I did finish reading Christine Falls by Benjamin Black aka Jon Banville last night. I found the book easy to read and enjoyable—not always words one associates with Jon Banville. This is Banville’s version of a literary mystery and it’s quite good. I’m hoping to hear something on this book soon from the one I consider the Banville expert, TEV.