More Odds and Ends

  • I know there is a problem with the RSS feed for this site. It’s being fixed so I’ve heard.
  • I spotted this in yesterday’s Publisher’s Marketplace deals:

    Gavin Grant and Kelly Link’s UNDER THE RADAR: The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, an anthology of the best fiction, nonfiction. and poetry that has appeared in the ‘zine, with an introduction by Dan Chaon and contributions from Karen Joy Fowler, Karen Russell, Jeffrey Ford, James Sallis, and Nalo Hopkinson, to Jim Minz at Del Rey, by Renee Zuckerbrot at Renee Zuckerbrot Literary Agency (NA).

    I’m a fan of Kelly Link and Gavin Grant. It’s a great looking collection and I’ll be sure to get a copy when it’s available.

  • The Guardian has posted their Best of 2006 Fiction list.
  • And so has Robert Birnbaum.
  • Max has kindly posted my list of favorite books of 2006.

1 thought on “More Odds and Ends

  1. DH

    I dig Kelly Link as well. I’ve held off on subscribing to LCRW, but I will have to look for that collection.

    And what a great job you have, what with the “having” to read and all…

    I’m jealous as ever. 🙂


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