Random Assortment of Information

  • This is pretty cool. It’s the translator’s notes on translating The Mystery Guest by Gregoire Bouillier.
  • Is Hollywood going to ruin one of the books I loved this year?
  • This list of dos and don’ts from the Events coordinator of Powells is both hilarious and true. Seriously people. Listen to the advice.
  • I’m not sure what to say about Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, which I finished earlier this week. It’s as good as the reviews say. I hate to use the word haunting because that seems so obvious, but it is haunting. I’m still thinking about how McCarthy takes this really horrible landscape and makes it almost beautiful at times:

    He thought of his life. So long ago. A gray day in a foreign city where he stood in a window and watched the street below. Behind him on a wooden table a small lamp burned. On the table books and papers. It had begun to rain and a cat at the corner turned and crossed the sidewalk and sat beneath the cafe awning. There was a woman at the table there with her head in her hands. Years later he’d stood in the charred ruins of a library where blackened books lay in pools of water. Shelves tipped over. Some rage at the lies arranged in their thousands row on row. He picked up one of the books and thumbed through the heavy bloated pages. He’d not have thought the value of the smallest thing predicated on a world to come. It surprised him. That the space which these things occupied was itself an expectation. He let the book fall and took a last look around and made his way out into the gray cold light.