Books on the Table

I finished reading Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra earlier this week. The book checks in at 900 pages or so, but it’s definitely worth hauling this book around. My arms almost fell off several times while I stood on the subway reading this book. I’ll try to write something longer about it this weekend. The short version is that it’s about cops and robbers. People make comparison’s to Mario Puzo’s Godfather, but I think that’s only on the surface. It deals with all sorts of themes—religion, sex, gender, violence, money—and it’s one hell of a read.

Also if you’re in the market for something gifty, The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb showed up on my desk earlier this week. It’s a nice volume with some of R. Crumb’s less scurrilous drawings. Why would you want non-dirty pictures? To me, it’s an interesting side of Crumb, that isn’t often exhibited.