3 thoughts on “T.C. Boyle’s Talk Talk Part One

  1. DH

    You didn’t ask, I know, but might I suggest The Road To Wellville for your second Boyle novel? The reviews make it seem like the humor in Talk Talk is more subdued than is usual for Mr. Boyle, and Wellville is a bit more rollicking. And, of course, very enjoyable.

    I’m only finishing up my third Boyle novel, so I’ll probably wait for Talk Talk to come out in paperback and soak up a couple others of his in the meantime. Mr. Boyle hasn’t achieved DFW status with me yet, but reading those reviews has made it hard to resist.


  2. Bookdwarf

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve actually just finished Drop City, which was also recommended to me as one of Boyle’s best books. Which three novels have you read?


  3. DH

    I started out reading Stories, encompassing all his short-story collections save for the most recent one. I’ve followed that up with Riven Rock, The Road To Wellville, and the one I just finished, A Friend Of The Earth. And I just added his World’s End to my to-be-read list.


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