Tuesday’s Links

Sorry for the continuing silence here. I mentioned a few months back that I was starting a new job here at the store. While it’s going quite well, I’m finding that it’s taking up most of my time right now. Starting anything new takes a bit of adjustment and I’m finally starting to feel a bit settled into a new routine. So here are a few things that I’ve been reading this week:

  • Boldtype’s June Issue: Summer Reads just became available (seriously, it popped into my inbox two minutes ago).
  • My friend Ed has been a busy man. He’s churned out several episodes of the Bat Segundo show in the past few weeks. He’s got extensive BEA coverage: part 1 (includes an interview with me), part 2, and part 3. Also he’s got a great interview with Derik Badman and Jordan Stump, who translated Television, the Spring 2006 LBC Read This! pick.
  • Which brings me to another favorite, Robert Birnbaum, who has two interviews: George Saunders and Lawrence Weschsler.
  • Another Bookdwarf favorite Scott of Conversational Reading has put together another issue of The Quarterly Conversation. He and others cover a great deal of books that aren’t reviewed elsewhere, so be sure to check it out.