Hot Topic: The Literary Version of the Cold Call

Around the blog world you can hear the cries of pain from various bloggers who’ve been inundated with email lately from perhaps well-meaning publicists who don’t take the time to read the blogs they’re emailing. I’m not sure if I feel the same sort of animosity that Ed does—I just delete the emails about books I know don’t appeal to me (any book on spirituality goes quickly). Bloggers can make a difference sure, but I only review books that I care about. I won’t shill for anyone and I will only mention books that I find worth mentioning. It’s fairly clear when someone hasn’t taken the time to read my site, yet emails, sometimes several times, about books that I won’t care about. I don’t have to time to answer them all unfortunately. Sorry if I offend anyone, but to maintain my own sanity that is the way it must be done.

4 thoughts on “Hot Topic: The Literary Version of the Cold Call

  1. ed

    To clarify, I was being more of a wiseacre than an angry dude. But the problem has recently escalated very much out of control of late. And, alas, it had to be said. 🙂


  2. birnbaum

    Hey, I interviewed Beyonce—there was something odd about her Adam’s apple.

    Also, what abou the odd rumors that in fact one Edward Champion of San Francisco is the author of “How I Fricaseed a Hot Dog etc”! Sorry Carla Ipolito!


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