Impressions From Last Night’s Event with BHL

At last night’s event, Bernard-Henri Levy calmly walked out of the back room, stood in front of the audience for a few moments, soaking up the applause and advanced to the podium. He used no notes and spoke for over an hour, relating several anecdotes from memory. BHL waves his hands around a lot when he speaks, which makes his words seem more alive. He wore a very elegant black suit, with a white button down, but no cuff-links. At the end of the evening, the marketing director of my store and I were chatting, while got ready to leave. BHL approached to shake her hand, and of course, with his good manners, shook mine. I think my exact words were, “We haven’t met, but good night.” Overall, I found him to be quite a charismatic and energetic speaker.
Due to technical difficulties, it may take me a few days to get the audio of BHL up and running. I might be getting a better audio file from some other folks who were there recording. Regardless, tonight I am off to see Low play conveniently nearby my house, and I am off to Woodstock, NY tomorrow (no, not to be a hippie) for the weekend. I will try to have some reviews for early next week.

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