Wednesday Links

  • Here’s a rare, lengthy interview with Philip Roth at the Guardian. “There once was this photographer from New York. ‘Smile,’ she always said. ‘Smile!’ I couldn’t stand her or the whole phenomenon. Why smile into a camera? It makes no human sense. So I got rid of both her and the smile.”
  • Robert Birnbaum spoke with Marc Estrin recently. Estrin, author of Insect Dreams is also a puppeteer, interestingly enough.
  • I forgot to link to Birnbaum’s talk with Barbara Ehrenreich last week. So here it is.
  • Bookdwarf favorite Jeff of Syntax of Things has compiled the Underrated Writers Project, which he put together from other litbloggers’ recommendations.
  • Jamy Tomio interviews awesome Kelly Link at the Fantasy Book Spot. (thanks Bookslut)