In Which I Attend a Show for the First Time in Ages

Last night a friend called and said he had an extra ticket to the Iron & Wine/Calexico show at the Avalon. Usually, I don’t enjoy shows much anymore, but I decided to check it out since it was 2 bands I love and I am glad I went. Since I am bad with song titles and all that (I have a friend who if you give him the track number and the year of the record, could name the song and who was playing what and all these details. Very savant) I can’t tell you what they played exactly. I found myself surprised that I enjoyed Calexico a little more than Iron & Wine. Maybe because I spent most of Iron & Wine staring at this woman’s ponytail. It was good times.

3 thoughts on “In Which I Attend a Show for the First Time in Ages

  1. ed

    Megan: If it’s any consolation, I’d say that I’ve attended more live shows after turning 30 (it has to number somewhere around 50 or so in the past year and a half — and does Coachella count as something like 15 concerts?) than I did during 25-29. Be careful. Live shows are addictive. šŸ™‚


  2. Bookdwarf

    Thanks Ed. I do feel better. I think for me I just don’t like the crowds or the hipsters. But I had a lot of fun last night, so now I am thinking I might have to attend some more shows. I noticed Low is playing near my house next February…..


  3. Emily

    Megan, I miss you and HBS! I came across your site and I wanted to say hi. Plus, when I saw that you mentioned Iron & Wine I had to post a comment. I love Iron & Wine!! I’m waiting for them to come to Northampton… Hope all is well in Cambridge.


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