My Thanksgiving Vacation

I visited my parents in Atlanta for a few days this past week for the holiday. We decided to go check out the brand new Georgia Aquarium which just opened on Wednesday. We headed over around 1 o’clock on Thanksgiving day and boy, was it packed. Luckily we bought our tickets ahead of time, which is what I recommend for anyone visiting there (you get to go through a much faster line). This is the World’s largest aquariuam and though they need to work out a few small kinks, I had a great time. Here’s a few photos
Some neat Jellies (they’re not fish, so they don’t call them Jellyfish there. They had a sign).
Giant Tank
Here is one of many giant tanks, this one full of coral.
Sea Dragon
One of my favorite sights, the leafy Sea Dragons.
A huge sea turtle. Neat!

You can see some of the other animals here at my Flickr page.

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