Monday Links

Here’s some interesting stuff to waste away your Monday afternoon:

  • Publisher’s Lunch told me about this new blog The Written Nerd, written by another independent bookseller. She works at Labyrinth Books in NYC. It’s pretty interesting so far.
  • Ed has another episode of the Bat Segundo available for your listening pleasure. This time he speaks with author Jennifer Weiner.
  • And Robert Birnbaum spoke recently with Rick Moody, whose new book The Diviners takes on television.
  • Pages magazine has an article on the Litblog Co-op, though there is some incorrect info there. We will not be announcing the next pick until January, not December 15th.
  • I love this interview Deborah Solomon did with Jean Baudrillard.

    Some here feel that the study of the humanities at our universities has been damaged by the incursion of deconstruction and other French theories.

  • That was the gift of the French. They gave Americans a language they did not need. It was like the Statue of Liberty. Nobody needs French theory.

  • Joshua Glenn is one of the stars of the Globe these days. Check out his article about the spirit of utopia and science fiction.
  • Jenny Davidson wrote a review of The Trouble with Tom for the Village Voice. I’ve been hearing more and more about this book. Has anyone else read it?
  • Nextbook has a slew of new articles up and they now usually offer a podcast with interviews of authors as well with each article.
  • Last, but not least, I was unable to record Haruki Murakami speaking at the First Parish Church last Friday. There were at least 500 people in attendance though and I thought the whole thing went very well. Murakami spoke about writing novels vs. short stories—he’s pretty funny which I was not expecting. I still find it amazing to think that I was about 10 feet away from one of my literary heroes. His latest novel will be available in the Spring.

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