New Feature: Bookdwarf Podcast

Laila Lalami, author of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits and Chris Castellani, author of The Saint of Lost Things, read at my store last night and I’ve got the whole thing on tape. Well, not tape. On my digital recorder, which I have edited into 3 15 minute podcasts.

Laila Lalami (approx. 2MB, 17 min.)
Chris Castellani (approx. 2MB, 15 min.)
Question and Answers (approx. 2MB, 15 min.)

It was a great reading and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Laila afterward.

3 thoughts on “New Feature: Bookdwarf Podcast

  1. ed

    Megan: I think this is a really great idea. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place does something similar to this with a program called “Writer’s Voice Radio.” But it would be really amazing if all indie bookstores could offer podcasts along these lines.


  2. Alex

    This is great! Thanks for doing this — it’s a great way for readers to listen to a reading from many miles away. Also, the recording was surprisingly very clear.


  3. bookdwarf

    I know that my store tries to make the author events available on the website sometimes. But I thought since I have this cool digital Sony recorder, I might as well use it to record the ones I attend. Now of course, I feel obligated to attend more events and record them. I just hope they let me record the Murakami event on the 18th.


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