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I’ve neglected to point out the exciting discussions happening over at the LBC website, where currently Nadeem Aslam’s second novel Maps For Lost Lovers is being discussed.

And mentioned elsewhere, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes put out by Andrews McMeel, is one of the most expensive books to make the NYT Bestseller list. Too bad the publisher has no plans to reprint it and the supply is running out. The same thing happened in the 2003 holiday season with The Complete Far Side, which ran out quickly before Christmas. They finally reprinted it sometime in 2004 when they realized the demand. Sheesh, publishers.

Here’s an interview with Jamie Byng, the man behind Canongate Books. He’s made a splash recently with the newly launched The Myths series featuring such venerable writers as Margaret Atwood, Jeanette Winterson, and Karen Armstrong.

Also, this weekend brings us (along with some sunshine I am hoping) the 29th Annual Boston Antiquarian Book Fair. It’s usually pretty rowdy, but good fun. Last year, I saw 2 guys get into a fistfight over this first edition of Newton’s Principia Mathematica (really it was because one guy was claiming Newton was a total plebe). It was nasty! Okay, I made that up. It is good fun though.

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