One of the Cool Things I Saw

I was planning on writing all of these posts tonight about my trip–what I saw, what I read, what I ate (ham!), etc., but the jetlag calls me to bed earlier than normal. I will show you something I discovered in the subway. We disembarked from the train and were headed toward the exit when we did a doubletake:
Looks like a normal, everyday vending machine. But look what it’s got inside:
Is that cool or what? And they aren’t just selling crap titles like The Da Vinci Code (which is all over there by the way, but not as big as The Historian and Shadows of the Wind). They’ve got Arturo Perez-Reverte (whom I like anyway), Jose Saramago, Mario Vargas Llosa all for €9. How about that?
And yes, I am a big enough dork to take pictures of a vending machine. Wait until you see the photos of the various Spanish covers I took at a bookstore.

1 thought on “One of the Cool Things I Saw

  1. DH

    Dork? Pffft. I’m just glad to know that something like that exists. I’m not too familiar with any of those authors outside of Llosa, but I would read those books (well, if my Spanish were a shade above Very Mediocre) just to be able to frequent such a cool vending machine.


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