Link Dump in Lieu of Writing My Own Content

Lots of good things to read out there while I take a hiatus from posting.

There’s a new issue of Boldtype. They are calling this month’s issue the Fortune issue.

At Maud Newton’s, Roy Kesey interviews George Saunders, whose new novella The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil hits stores this week.

Nextbook offers an interview with Robert Pinsky, whose new book The Life of David is the first Nextbook’s Jewish Encounters series. They also offer podcasts with Pinksy reading from Samuel I. Plus they have many other fasinating articles.

Diana Abu-Jaber, author of Crescent and The Language of Baklava, writes in The Washington Post about being detained at the airport mroe than likely for having an Arab name.

Scott Esposito has started a new e-zine I will call it called The Quarterly Conversation, which has author interviews, reviews, etc.

Bookslut has a new issue available. This month features interviews with Susanna Clarke (whom I met in NY and thought was lovely), Aimee Bender, Doria Russell, and more.

And here’s another article about these crazy new litblogs! No, I am not mentioned, probably because my site has sucked lately. No matter. I will return from Spain rejuvenated! And I might even post some pictures and stuff from there. This leads to my last bit. Can anyone recommend books that take place in Spain or by Spanish authors that I should read while in Barcelona?

4 thoughts on “Link Dump in Lieu of Writing My Own Content

  1. Lisa

    This may seem to state the obvious:

    Hemingway’s the The Sun Also Rises, published in 1926 when the author was 26 years of age. At 21, I thought this was brilliant! Don’t know what I would think of it today.

    Also, try a different sort of reading:

    look at lots of works by Picasso before you go.


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