What’s on My Shelves?

I’m home sick today, bored. Thought it would be fun to take some pictures of my shelves, so y’all can see what I have. They are surprisingly organized now, which happened after we moved in April.

Here’s the nice bookcase:

This one is the first of the fiction cases:

This is the second fiction case:

And here is some of the Classics and Philosophy:

I still have a few unpacked boxes of books, but no room for to put them. Alas, bookcases cost so much! So, do you see anything interesting?

13 thoughts on “What’s on My Shelves?

  1. ed

    My…my boxers are soiled. Thank you, may I have another? 🙂

    (Incidentally, looks like you have the exact same collected Shakespare volume that I have, my first, which I keep around for sentimental value.)


  2. ed

    Megan: Actually, what with all the galleys being sent my way, this would explain my pirate fetish. I need a woman to come around here every now and then dressed in an eyepatch, ideally with a parrot perched on her shoulder, and have me walk the plank as she reads me Lord Byron’s poems. 🙂


  3. DH

    Eco… my oldest sister likes Eco. One day I’d like to tackle some of his books. Not until I read Joyce’s Ulysses, though, which I’ve been “meaning” to read for several years.

    More than anything, I’m drooling over the bookcases, as I don’t have anything resembling a one of them.


  4. bookdwarf

    Michael: I haven’t read SPOOK yet, (I read the intro), but I loved STIFF. I highly recommend it. A book about cadavers that is also funny is a must-read. The humor doesn’t detract in my opinion, though others might disagree.

    GB: I also haven’t read the new Aimee Bender. It certainly looks good. I loved AN INVISBLE SIGN OF HER OWN. I have way too much to read. The second fiction case also houses some of the TBR list (the giant piles on top and some of the double-shelved stuff).

    Lauren: Thanks for the well-wishes! I am feeling back in top form today. I…liked JONATHAN STRANGE. I think I liked it more when I first read it. The story and the charm have sort of worn off. It definitely could have used some editing. But overall I thought it pretty good.

    DH: I love ECO. Love him. I’m disappointed with this latest book though—had to make myself finish it. It’s not because it’s all meta or whatever. It’s just not that interesting in parts. But I loved BAUDOLINO and all his other books actually. I tried to get his autograph at BEA in June, but some bitch handler shooed me away. Most of the shelves I own are of the $30 K-Mart variety—plasticized plywood or whatever. The first bookcase in the post is the nicest one I own, one of my first “real” pieces of furniture—it’s 60’s Danish teak! The metal one came with Mr. Bookdwarf. I am on the lookout for my shelves now, they are just so expensive!


  5. GB

    So I’m a regular customer at your store. I can give you my Frequent Buyer info if you want to check out how many, many times I’ve qualified for the 20% off, and I’ve asked some folks in the store who “Bookdwarf” is–they don’t know what I’m even talking about.

    Your response to my post about the Aimee Bender was that you have more than you can ever read. Just moved to south shore of Boston; before, in southern Ohio, I was getting galley’s from the several stores who got to know me.

    You have galleys/advance copies? I’d be really, really willing to look over what you’re not going to read (and your staff have looked over)–could offer a thumb nail review for you in exchange. Right now, through another store that is tiny, I have the new Rick Moody.

    Just let me know! Won’t stop me from buying the hardcovers when they come out (my ‘day job’ is an Episcopal priest, but I’m a bookaholic). You have my email….


  6. Matt

    I’m liking The Recognitions and the various Pynchon. Not so much the Ayn Rand though. Bleagh. Very nice collection anyhow, and well-rounded.


  7. zan

    It’s good to see someone else keeps a large selection of Murakami close at hand, including Jay Rubin’s book. And right next to your David Mitchell! I feel so normal right now…


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