Soapbox Time

I read this article in today’s NYT on Mifeprex, also know as RU-486. 2 women died after taking the pill, but doctors think that a bacterial infection, which has also been seen after childbirth and in other gynecological situations was the cause of death. Then I get to this part:

Wendy Wright, senior policy director for Concerned Women of America, a conservative women’s group, said news of the latest death proved that label changes would not make the drug safe.

“Changing the label the last time clearly didn’t help the latest woman who died,” Ms. Wright said. “Sadly, people who support RU-486 apparently believe the risk of death is preferable to having a child.”

Uhm, so childbirth has miraculously become safe all of a sudden? I am not saying that abortion is better or worse than childbirth. Abortion is an option (sometimes the only one for people). But to trumpet that childbirth is completely safe to make RU-486 seem totally dangerous is completely misleading in my opinion. And I doubt the women who died thought death was preferable and you insult them by saying that. Many women still die in childbirth and many women would still die getting back alley abortions, if no other options were available to them. So get your damn opinions off my body thanks Wendy.