The Insult by Rupert Thomson

I got to 10 pages til the end at lunch yesterday, and I just couldn’t go on with my day until I had finished The Insult. I then spent the rest of the day thinking about this strange and wonderful book. Maud was right, this book was better than The Divided Kingdom, though I still love that one, maybe because it was my introduction to Rupert Thomson. Thomson has elements in his writing similar to Haruki Murakami, you know that dreamworld in which his stories take place. But Thomson’s dreamworld is darker and dirtier, tinged with grays and sepia tones (sorry, that’s how I imagine it). I can’t explain the plot too much, but it involves a man, Martin Blom, who has been shot in the head as he walks toward his car in the supermarket parking lot. Rendered permanently blind, he has to find his way back into the world. But one night, he discovers that he can see, but only at night or in the dark. At some points you think Martin has gone crazy. At some points you don’t know what to believe. And the book takes strange turns, but I loved every minute of the journey.