Food Lovers can be Food Haters too

I read this article in the NYT and thought “Aha! I am not the only one!” I feel vindicated somehow. I always felt guilty about my dislike of certain foods. I consider myself a foodie, but I hate eggplant. I loathe that purple grossness. I worked as a cook in a Greek restaurant in high school and I have bad associations from my days there. Also with olives. So I was pleased to see that I am not the only one that dislikes food not just because of the taste (though eggplant is a double doozy, because it tastes disgusting too. And has a gross texture. I really dislike eggplant). It made me feel ashamed. You’re out at a restaurant with friends, they want to share an appetizer. They pick the eggplant one, because “hey, everyone loves eggplant!”. Then I look like an ass when I try to explain.
What foods do you dislike the most? There has to be something. No one likes to eat everything.

9 thoughts on “Food Lovers can be Food Haters too

  1. patricia

    Sushi. Sorry. I just don’t get it. It’s RAW FISH for christ sake. Blechh.

    I’m not really thrilled about steak and hamburgers. And any kind of cream sauce makes me wanna hurl. And what’s the big deal with caviar? It’s FISH EGGS folks, and it tastes nasty, and after you eat it, you got all this black shit stuck on your teeth. Really classy, that.

    I used to hate eggplant when I was a kid, but I just love it now. Sorry.


  2. Patry

    Beets. Despite their gorgeous color and my love for the novel, The Beet Queen, the actual vegetable tastes like dirt to me.

    And being highly suggestible, I’ll have to agree with Patricia on the red meat. The more you think about what you’re eating, the more disgusting it becomes. And caviar–completely gross.

    As for eggplant, however, I’ll share an appetizer with your friends anytime.


  3. Jeff

    Pecans. Yet another reason I was exiled from Alabama. Can’t stand ’em. Possibly dates back to the times my parents would punish me by making me pick up pecans in the backyard. Oh, we lived in an old pecan grove. Fun. Then there were the times I would walk out in the backyard and get hit on the head by a pecan thrown by an angry squirrel.

    Squirrel meat. See above.


  4. V-bunny

    Despite being asian and everything, I can’t stand ginger, scallions, onions, and leeks.
    I know, essentials of asian cuisine…


  5. bill

    cooked spinach; love it raw, but once it’s past the wilted stage it makes me retch.

    Even though I love most shellfish, I don’t care for shrimp. Partly taste, mostly texture, I’ll pick it out if it sneaks into a dish.


  6. verbal

    I was always brought up to believe that there are two unforgiveable sins: being a picky eater, and lacking a sense of irony.

    That said, I do not much like uni (sea urchin).


  7. bookdwarf

    All you eggplant lovers are against me!

    I like sushi, though I can get skeezed out by it occasionally. I don’t like Eel or Uni though. And cooked greens always seem so gross. It’s a big pile of green goo. But they can taste great.

    Christian, I only like okra deep-fried. But then again, you can deep-fry most things and they will taste good.

    Jeff, I’ve never had squirrel, though I did have possum once. And I like chitlins (how do you spell that anyway?)

    Y’all are making me feel better and better!


  8. DH

    Not only sushi, but seafood in general. It’s hard to explain, but besides the fact that I always hated the taste, something about looking at any form of seafood has always repulsed me.

    This is tricky ’cause I love cajun food and have to watch out for the dreaded shrimp.


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