Soul of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman

I was all set to write a review of this book, when Christian Bauman emailed me a link to an essay of his on the very same book. It’s a very funny read on food obsession, something I know a little about. And that same day Dan Wickett emailed to let me know he has a very recent interview with Ruhlman. Well then, I thought, I will let them tell you about this book.
But I can’t not say anything about my impressions of this book. Soul of a Chef is full of passion. Ruhlman doesn’t just research cooking in order to write this book. Cooking is an obsession of his, and this book is a product of his obsession. The first section follows several chefs as they take the Certified Master Chef exam, a brutal weeklong cooking marathon that measures the skill levels of professional chefs. The second part follows Michael Syman, a rising star in the kitchen. And the third follows renowned chef Thomas Keller, who runs the super successful French Laundry in California (where I am dying to go). The first and third parts are the best and Ruhlman has a habit of repeating himself. But its a fun read, especially if you are into food.