More Lame Excuses

Finally, a holiday weekend. And the rain has stopped. At least for this hour. I saw sunlight this morning for about 5 minutes and seriously just stared at it. With the long weekend, I may not be able to post much next week. Tuesday David Sedaris is appearing at my store and I get to do some crowd control (my new career as a bouncer. fun!). Our event schedule slows down (thank god) for the Summer, but we still have some great ones. Kelly Link and Steve Almond will be appearing on June 22nd, for instance. And then on Thursday I head to NYC for Book Expo America until the following Monday. I was going to try and procure a laptop (from the laptop fairies perhaps?) in order to blog while there, but was not able to find one. I will see what I can do and take copious notes on all the goings on in NYC. I get to go to some fun cocktail parties and dinners, though, and meet great authors. What a fun job I have. So, you will be hearing from me somewhat sparsely over the next week and a half.