6 thoughts on “Boldly Go!

  1. louisb

    When you say “the obvious one” I assume you’re referring to Fortress, but you could just as well be talking about Motherless Brooklyn too. His book of essays was an excellent companion-piece to his work, and Gun, With Occasional Music qualifies I think as a kind of modern masterpiece. I definitely recommend more JL.


  2. dave worsley

    I’m an unabashed fan, but Lethem fans perhaps lean toward the genre-influenced early stuff or Motherless Brooklyn onward. I’m the latter, but his early stuff is still solid.
    I’ll second the above, enthusiastically


  3. patricia

    I’m curious as to which ‘obvious one’ you mean. I highly recommend Motherless Brooklyn if you haven’t already read it. Fortress was interesting, but in the end, a big disappointment, I think. I’m in the middle of Disappointment Artist and could go either way at this point. But his collection of stories from Men and Cartoons was overall very enjoyable, especially ‘Super Goat Man’.


  4. louisb

    I went and got a copy of Edward Dahlberg’s 1964 autobiography When I Was Flesh after reading JL’s The Disappointment Artist, where he not only touts the book to high heaven, but identifies Dahlberg as the artist of his title, and I found it as spectular as anything I’ve read this year, really an amazing book.


  5. bookdwarf

    When I said the ‘obvious’ one, I meant Motherless Brooklyn, but I can imagine that wasn’t clear. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Fortress of Solitude. The Disappointment Artist sounds good though. Which Lethem should I read?


  6. louisb

    In The Disappointment Artist JL says he’s moved on from Fortress and its milieu, but I think it’s nearly impossible to appreciate his work without reading it, arguably his best book and one I love.


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