Toga, Toga

Since Ed announced his intentions, I might as well admit that I will be attending BEA this year (as part of my day job). But that won’t stop me from meeting my fellow LBCers for some drinks. Ron has secured us a location for Thursday night at the Slipper Room on Thursday, June 2nd between 6-8 PM. So come for drinks and discussions about books. I’d say I am somewhere between Barney and Homer in terms of drunken buffoonery. Good times!

3 thoughts on “Toga, Toga

  1. bookdwarf

    That sounds like fun Monique, but I am not attending BEC unfortunately. My work can only afford to send me to NYC since it’s pretty close. This is actually my first BEA. No way were they sending me to LA last year. I’m not important enough. What’s BEC like?


  2. Monique

    We’re in the same position in reverse. I haven’t been to BEA. Not important enough either, I guess. But I hear the two are similar. BEA is bigger, flashier, but BEC is fun. Lots of booths and galleys and excitement over the upcoming season.

    At BEA watch for the Bloomsbury booth and the book The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch. It’s my pick for fall.


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