Links to Keep You Busy

Helen Falconer wrote an interesting article for the Guardian on Chicklit. She maintains that far too many books written by women are dismissed as chicklit (i.e. not serious literature).

The Globe had an article yesterday on litblogs. The Litblog Co-Op gets a mention.

Nextbook has 2 good articles (plus many more): One on how Samuel Freedman struggled to write about his mother. And in the second Joseph Lelyveld the former executive editor of NYT talks to Eric Umansky about writing his memoir.

And finally, Dan Wicket has another author interview available. This time it’s Brian DeVido, author of Every Time I Talk to Liston.

That should keep you busy for a bit.

1 thought on “Links to Keep You Busy

  1. Lauren Baratz-Logsted

    I do wonder sometimes why comic writing is never seen as literature. I mean, we’ve all heard actors say comedy is much harder than drama and yet we all know the Oscars are unlikely to ever reward a comedy with its highest honor. And with books it seems no different. Hmm, I think there may be another essay in there for me somewhere…


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