Lots o links

I’ve managed to catch up on some reading today:

Michael Dirda answered reader questions about bookstores at the Washington Post (my store gets mentioned several times!).

Dan Wickett, who must never sleep, interviewed Ron Rash, author of Saint at the River and also winner of the O. Henry award for his short story “Speckled Trout”.
Dan also interviewed independent bookseller Corey Mesler, who owns and operates Burke’s Books in Memphis.
And he also ran a panel with more bloggers.

Robert Birnbaum interviewed Tom Bissell, author of the just released collection of stories God Lives in St. Petersburg and Other Stories and Chasing the Sea: Lost Among the Ghosts of Empire in Central Asia.

3 thoughts on “Lots o links

  1. DH

    Terrific interview with Bissell. Several months ago I’d never heard of him, but one day I stumbled upon Chasing The Sea and now I can’t get enough of his writing.

    And you, Ms. Bookdwarf, now have me into Murakami. Almost picked up David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas today as well, but alas, my being a less-than-prolific reader and already having four books waiting to be read put the ixnay on that idea.


  2. bookdwarf

    Aww, shucks. Thanks for the kind words. This is the reason why I blog in the first place—to share book information with others. I stumbled on Bissel’s Chasing the Sea as well, and loved it. I have a copy of his new book, but alas, it’s amongst a sea of books in my new apartment.
    You should check out the Mitchell when you get a chance.


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