Almond Un-joy

Does anyone else find it irritating that Steve Almond reviews his own book in the Weekly Dig? It’s not that he even reviews his work, its more the review itself. It’s so…..ugh, I don’t know. I liked My Life in Heavy Metal. I don’t deny that Almond has talent as a short story writer. It’s him trying to be so meta, reviewing his own book and criticizing it. It’s just irritating.

4 thoughts on “Almond Un-joy

  1. Ed

    Unless it’s someone like Anthony Burgess (who reviewed his own novel when his own book, written under a psudonym, was sent to him and the editor didn’t realize that it was the same guy), no author has any business reviewing their own work. In fact, Burgess, ended up getting fired over the whole incident.


  2. jessanne

    i find everything steve almond does annoying. for that matter, i also find everything the weekly dig does annoying.


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