Another short review

I received some books from Soft Skull Press a few weeks ago and was intrigued by one title in particular—White Like Me by Tim Wise. Wise, a prominent white anti-racist, helped in the fight against David Duke years ago and now speaks across the country discussing the meaning of whiteness. This book is part memoir part essay on how racism is so entrenched in our American society and how we should fight it. It is not the usual white guy realizing the privileges the color of his skin has given him. Rather he takes a hard look at his own life and shows how racism is inherent in our school systems, judicial systems, collegiate systems, etc. I liked his message—it’s not easy to admit to oneself that you are making some of the mistakes he talks about. But I also found him generalizing a bit too much in places. Though I found him repetitive throughout, White Like Me is a book worth checking out for its message alone.