More Da Vinci madness

I can’t help myself. Spotted in this weeks’s Publisher’s Weekly: Doubleday’s winningest title, The Da Vinci Code, marking two years on PW‘s charts, has gone back for an 82nd printing, making for record-breaking 10 million copies. Worldwide, Da Vinci has 29 million copies in print, in 44 languages, and the audio versions have sold more than 500,000 copies, making it the bestselling audio in Random House’s history. By the way, these figures do not include The Da Vinci Code: Special Illustrated Edition, published last October, now nearing the one-million mark. If you stacked every copu of Da Vinci printed, it would be 220 miles tall, notes Doubleday. THat’s high enough to get in the path of an orbiting shuttle and 50 miles short of hitting the international space station. Perhaps it’ll reach that after the release of The Da Vinci Code movie from Columbia Pictures, planned for 2006, starring Tom Hanks.

Maybe Dan Brown can use some of those 10 million copies to build himself a fort. That way he can hide in it and work on his next novel and not be bothered by the public. Plus, with all those dust jackets, he’ll never need another form of ID.

1 thought on “More Da Vinci madness

  1. Christopher Willard

    By gumbo I think you’ve cracked the code afterall…I read the book and where I found gobblydee-gook you translated it to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    I guess I should have been looking for the key to the code in my wallet. Now I suggest a mud wrestling match: JK Rowlings against Dan Brown. Winner gets the coveted Golden Pinky.


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