Quickie review

I haven’t had much time to read lately, but I did manage to finish Meg Wolitzer’s newest book The Position this morning. I’ve been hearing good things about her for years and the galley appeared on my desk with a nice looking cover and I thought, now’s a good time to check her out. I am glad I did. I like her writing, but was ultimately disappointed with The Position. In my opinion the story falls apart in the end. The Postion follows Paul and Roz Mellow in 1975 who decided to write a sex manual complete with artful drawings of themselves. The novel examines what happens when their 4 children discover the book and how it impacts their lives. To me, there was a huge disconnect between the characters and Wolitzer throws in some drama, just for the sake of throwing in drama. I know I sound like I am trashing the book. In fact, I thought it had great potential and I enjoyed reading it. It wasn’t until I reached the end and thought about the book as a whole that I reached these conclusions.

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