Exciting Events

I just glanced at the Event schedule for April here at the Harvard Book Store. Man, do we have some good stuff coming up!

* Friday, April 1st, Ian McEwan
* Wednesday, April 6th, Jonathan Safran Foer (who has been getting lots of posts lately)
* Tuesday, April 12th, Camille Paglia
* Wednesday, April 13th, Jeanette Winterson
* Monday, April 25th, Ruth Reichl

I don’t know if I can make it to all of them. There’s a lot more too. Sorry if it seems like I am just plugging my store. I don’t write this blog for work. It’s just my own personal site, but I can’t help but mention this stuff.

3 thoughts on “Exciting Events

  1. Bill Peschel

    Just picked up the Paglia book. Despite the title and the hot-pink cover and Paglia’s reputation, it’s a straightforward dissection of 40+ poems she likes. Sounds interesting if you want to know what all the fuss about Wallace Stevens and William Carlos Williams is about.


  2. Margaret Able

    Plug away! I love the Harvard Book Store. It’s one of the things I miss most about Cambridge. I used to live in Quincy House so I would stop by at least once a day during my undergraduate years. Plus, the store is across from my favorite entrance to the Harvard Yard (who could resist “Enter to Grow in Wisdom”?)

    I wish I were there (though I do so hate winter!)

    Bookish Marginalia


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