3 thoughts on “The readers have spoke

  1. patricia

    Wonderful. My work here is done.

    Well, actually, not. I’d like to recommend another book. ‘Dr. Bloom’s Story’ by Don Coles. Beautiful story, beautiful writing, and like ‘The Archivist’, it did not get the attention it so richly deserved.


  2. bookdwarf

    I am loving The Archivist so far—about a third of the way through. I tried looking up the Coles book, but can’t find it anywhere. Do you have more information? Thanks for the recommendations. Keep them coming!


  3. patricia

    This is what I mean about not getting enough recognition. It’s a Canadian novel, and since it’s not written by Margaret Atwood, not too many people have heard of it. Here is a link on my blog where I discuss it (third book down)


    And also a link to our version or Borders, where you can purchase it. Our store is called Chapters/Indigo.



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