Another one for the TBR list

This review makes me want to read read all of Ishiguro’s books.

Update: This second review clinches it. Ishiguro is a must-read now.

Update 2: I was just reading Maud Newton’s blog and came across this post. I swear I didn’t copy it. How weird! Great minds think alike.

Update 3: Aha! Our wonderful Random House rep has a copy of Never Let Me Go, which has a pretty cover by the way, and will bring it by next Monday.

3 thoughts on “Another one for the TBR list

  1. bookdwarf

    CAAF: I am nearing the end of the new Foer. Expect to hear more about it soon. It’s quite a read.

    Iliana: Thanks for confirming that Ishiguro is worth the time. I am going to search the used section downstairs for his older works. Wish me luck!


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