Virgins aplenty

Sorry I am so uninteresting lately. Like I mentioned in previous posts, work is extremely hectic due to a co-worker out with a very serious illness. Plus I am going on vacation starting on Friday. Mr. Bookdwarf and I are off to Belize for a week and I cannot fucking wait. The snow here has not disappeared. The three and a half feet we got in January is still everywhere.
But on a brighter note, I really liked this article on Book Clubs by Li Robbins. Since everyone knows I work in a bookstore, they just assume that I want to either join or start a book club. Not so. I agree with her that it’s the solitary aspects of reading that I like. The same goes for movies. I have no need to pick it apart to death. I also admit I like Robbin’s cranky tone. We need more cranky writers!

1 thought on “Virgins aplenty

  1. Peach

    Hey, I just started reading your blog, and am asking myself why I didn’t start much earlier…

    This is a really interesting point about reading being solitary–I sometimes think I need a community in order to read, really so that I can have people to talk about thoughts the book may have inspired, but reading your post I just had this idea of like–

    as if my own inner dialogue isn’t enough? It’s a nice thought to just sit and let myself converse with the book and form my own ideas, not needing to question them by bouncing off someone else…

    I don’t know. Anyway. Thanks.



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