It’s a classic Nor’easter

I just returned from an outdoor excursion. If you haven’t heard, New England has been hit by a Nor’easter. We usually get the Sunday paper delivered (for the crossword mainly) and lo and behold, it wasn’t there this morning! Maybe because there’s over 2 feet of snow? So we set out in search of the Sunday paper. Conditions are lousy here. Very few sidewalks cleared, so you have to walk in the street amongst the plows. Luckily, very few cars are on the road as well. We managed to find a paper—unfortunately it was still in its bundle in front of the Mini Mart where it had been delivered by some intrepid Boston Globe person—very few stores are open and those that are have run out of the paper. So I took one and left the money in the crack of the door. Is that wrong?
Here are a few pictures I took (freezing my fingers in the meanwhile). I am not skilled enough to set up a cool slide show (a skill I am determined to learn. I am going on vacation in a few weeks and will want to post cool pictures of Howler Monkeys.)
Here is the view from the front steps of my building:
Some poor schmuck’s car:
Interesting snow patterns:
Here’s a more accurate picture of what it feels like outside right now (I think its -15° out right now):
And a neat snow drift (that’s Mr. Bookdwarf almost being crushed by the snow wave):
And that is part of my big snow adventure. Now I am going to defrost my legs and drink a hot toddy.